Automotive Supply Chain

In the automotive industry, minutes lost or minutes gained directly affects your bottom line. It's critical that your logistics partner understands the unique needs of the Automotive Supply Chain. The best choice is a logistics partner that is both innovative and stable. Rock Solid delivers limitless possibilities to expand both volumes and services while managing profitability every step of the way. We use the latest technologies to constantly evolve with the unique needs of the automotive industry, both nationally and internationally, and we have the experience to apply those technologies responsibly and profitably. 

Where do we begin? It's simple. With Data.

Before we start firing off solutions, we need to understand who you are, what you are doing, and what you want. What types of freight do you move daily? In our optimization study, we look at your actual current rates, approved carriers, specified capacities, transit times, and other available data, which are then fed into our propriatary system to produce realistic and executable load plans. Global orders from multiple customers, locations or vendors can be combined into multi-pick/drop movements, continuous move shipments, backhauls, and even pooling scenarios.

We carefully craft the most efficient solution for your needs.

We establish parameters that are optimized according to your business practices – across all modes, including parcel, LTL, TL, rail, intermodal, air freight, ocean and multimodal. For example, you can consider pooling points and backhaul opportunities. We will even optimize across multiple modes and international shipments, and identify shipments that should be a parcel shipment or consolidated with others onto a multi-stop truckload. We will also determine the optimal ship dates and delivery appointments based on carrier resources, available docks, and delivery windows. As an added bonus, we provide you with the freight management visibility you need to minimize unexpected charges and speed up the premium freight approval process. 

Real time, rapid results.

Our program will analyze every possible load optimization scenario in real time. It then provides you with a thorough explanation of how to organize your shipments in the most optimal way, given the provided parameters, and will show the cost, mileage and CO2 emissions reduction for the planned shipments compared to point-to-point loads. Each load itinerary will be described in detail and you’ll have the opportunity to make detailed adjustments if necessary.

Get optimized.

Give us three months of freight data, and we'll give you immediate savings.