Supply Chain Optimization

Stop overpaying for inbound and outbound freight. Start saving with a Rock Solid optimization study. 

Outbound and inbound shipments have to follow certain regulations in regards to classifications. It’s our job to ensure that clients' supply chains are benefiting from all the packaging benefits allowed to them. It’s critical that the supply chain recognizes classification rules and that wise shipping choices are made between clients and suppliers. Our goal is to streamline your milk runs and ensure all modes are optimized within the transportation of the goods. We can help your company improve shipment visibility across the globe, making it easier for executives to catch unexpected premium freight costs before they occur.

Give us three months of data, and we will provide you with shipping solutions to save you money. An optimization study will help to ensure that shipping patterns, sizes and configurations are working together to minimize effort, shipping times and costs. We will review current methods and modes, analyze results, and provide recommendations to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and ensure the timely delivery of goods.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our best-in-class, web-based system makes every aspect of transportation management efficient and seamless. Our data entry portal makes short work out of otherwise tedious administrative tasks by pre-configuring the workflow process to match your specific needs. In real time, we’re able to evaluate special equipment requirements, assess safety and environment ratings, insurance coverage, and certifications. We simultaneously optimize inbound and outbound shipments, to ensure we’re helping you make the right decisions and minimize costs at every turn.

Rock Solid incorporates industry tools and technology to integrate logistic systems to businesses around the globe. With tools to globally track both inbound and outbound shipments across all modes, we’re able to optimize current routing systems. This technology allows companies to make changes to the central in-house online hub that will be seen throughout the logistics system. And through our mobile apps, employees can monitor the supply chain right on their smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the need to update logistic changes on multiple systems and greatly decreases the risk of confusion from information not syncing.

More than Just Savings

As a leader in mode optimization operations, Rock Solid provides companies with shipping solutions that save money. And the best part? We handle it all. We relieve the headache that’s often associated with transportation management by providing the expertise and customer service companies need to run a smooth operation.

Get optimized.

Give us three months of freight data, and we'll give you immediate savings.