Carrier Management

Building a Carrier Network

Transportation management is a dynamic and ever changing landscape. To help minimize the impact of those changes on your business, Rock Solid proactively manages carrier operations, deliveries, and rates. We stay on top of changes in the freight classes and regularly re-assess and negotiate new structured relationships to help ensure your shipping costs remain as predictable and steady as possible. We also help you assess and track performance among carriers to help you optimize carrier selection based on actual current performance.

Carrier Selection & Negotiation

We have the expertise and systems required to quickly locate capacity, identify the optimal carriers, and negotiate the most favorable rates. We utilize our knowledge of the industry to continuously drive down the price per pound of freight for products, making us a leader in mode optimization operations. We provide our clients with the visibility tools they need to reduce premium, or accidental freight costs. With Rock Solid, you always know you’re paying the right price for the right level of service, delivered right on time.

Green Transportation Solutions

At Rock Solid, we also take pride in providing our clients with eco-friendly shipping solutions. We stay on top of energy regulations across the country to help ensure that your freight is being transported in the most efficient way possible. We opt for energy-efficient carriers who make an effort to reduce CO2 emissions. Not only does this help the environment, but it also helps to save you money on excessive fuel costs.

Get optimized.

Give us three months of freight data, and we'll give you immediate savings.