Auditing + Claims

As a part of our outstanding customer service, we audit every line item on every invoice for accuracy, identifying and correcting discrepancies the moment they appear. It’s a small task that carries enormous implications and just one more thing we do to ensure your shipping operation is one of the smoothest, most reliable aspects of your business.

We have all of the state-of-the-art technology required to review and assess all quotes, shipment reports and details, accounts payable, and invoices to allow us to spot discrepancies amongst different carriers.

We are Your Advocate Against Unnecessary Fees

Our bill auditing and recovery services provide you with assurance that the rates you were promised are the ones received. We advocate on your behalf, recovering overcharged, re-classed, and re-weighed freight that’s rated on improper rate basis and incorrect accessory fees. Many companies don’t have the time or resources to file claims and recover damage fees, both very time-consuming and complex processes. At Rock Solid, we take care of all of it for you! 

Rock Solid Logistics will also manage all the payments for you - paying carriers on behalf of clients. This allows clients to receive one itemized bill rather than managing various shipping invoices from a variety of carriers. 

TMS System Not Delivering the Premium Freight Visibility You Need?

Our technology provides a high level of real-time visibility over all aspects of your transportation logistics, which allows everyone in the chain of command to have an eye on shipments. We give executives the digital resources they need to minimize unexpected premium freight charges.

Claims Management

Communication is the number one barrier and cause of breakdowns in freight management. The experts at Rock Solid provide straightforward and immediate interaction with freight carriers for on-the-spot resolution.

As your single point of contact, your Rock Solid account manager handles everything, including expediting needs, damaged and missing shipments, as well as the associated paperwork and claim resolution process that goes along with them.

Get optimized.

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