Ocean Freight

Keeping Shipments Sailing and Costs Low

The experts at Rock Solid can help you optimize and manage all aspects of your ocean cargo logistics operations. Our expertise paired with our cutting-edge technology and dedication allows us to provide you with shipping solutions that will save you both time and money.

Our ocean freight system enables you to ship large, long lead-time orders efficiently, economically, and sustainably while at the same time retaining tower visibility and reducing cost. With our technology, we can find all pallets of ocean freight with just the click of a button. Our ocean freight services are designed to meet all of your shipping needs and can include:

  • Door to Origin Port - Including administration for steamship line booking, filing export documentation, and supplying 10+2 info to US customs
  • Origin Port to Destination Port - Including facilitation of the steamship line payment and preparations for customs clearance
  • Destination Port to Railhead - We will facilitate the order creation, and track it to ensure the transition from port to rail went without a hitch

Get optimized.

Give us three months of freight data, and we'll give you immediate savings.