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Intermodal shipping is often one of the best ways to lower transportation costs, however dealing with all of the mode changes can cause quite a headache for businesses if not managed properly. That’s where Rock Solid comes in! Our team of experts can help you move your intermodal containers from Point A to Point B sustainably and in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Our advanced system prevents scheduling errors when planning containers or rail car capacity and in the event of a scheduling conflict, events are flagged for immediate attention. Some of the features of our intermodal program include:

  • Variable origin and destination rating templates
  • Re-rating historical legs with current rates
  • Life rating via schedules, contracts, or special pricing quotations
  • Interlined rail moves
  • Drive tendering to other parties when needed
  • EDI and CLM tracking messages
  • In-Gate/Out-Gate workflow options
  • Variable charge calculations for fuel, per diem, linehaul, or other items
  • Load matching by origin code, destination code, service, route description, equipment, equipment owner, or date range

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Give us three months of freight data, and we'll give you immediate savings.