Air Freight

Global Air Freight Optimization

To move your most time-sensitive goods, air is your most ideal mode of transportation. But so often, the headache of working with multiple carriers can prove to be more of a burden than anything else. Rock Solid can help your business manage air carriers and streamline air workflow by providing real-time shipment visibility.

With our cutting-edge logistics system, we can monitor air shipments for you on both the local and international levels, allowing for strategic decision making even when shipments are in transit. Some benefits of Rock Solid’s air freight system include:

  • Door-to-door, door-to-airport, and airport-to-airport transportation management
  • Management by zones
  • Management of premium freight
  • Tariff management
  • Support of HAZMAT materials, dangerous goods, and other highly regulated commodities
  • Ability to support 19 different languages
  • Coordination of service levels, lead times, flight schedules, and customer requirements to optimize each shipment
  • Quick and accurate calculation of duties, taxes, and other regulatory fees
  • Invoicing for multiple carriers and vendors
  • Generation of audit trails on all shipment and routing activities
  • Manage trading lanes across carriers and customers

Get optimized.

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