Streamlining Shipments Down to Each Truckload

Our team of analysts help you plan and optimize your LTL & FTL shipments based on your parameters. With our advanced technology and system software, we have the ability to manage truckloads simultaneously for real-time quality assurance.

Even with the availability of advanced ground parcel freight management transportation systems, most companies lack a full understanding of how carrier variables can affect pricing. The biggest effect can be seen from fuel surcharges, tariff rate bases and regional and long haul carriers. Everyday, the industry experts at Rock Solid conduct detailed freight audits to optimize the ground freight service mix. We help clients implement programs and merge the ERP system or order entry system to ensure that shipping costs are minimized and quality maximized.

On top of these services, you can always be at ease knowing that Rock Solid strives to minimize the impact that your shipping needs will have on the environment. By staying on top of state and national emission regulations, we can help your business reduce its carbon footprint one shipment at a time.

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Get optimized.

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